What is health freedom about?

Health freedom is about all of us taking control of their own health. To have an open mind, to look at alternative ways to control our future health and well being, and not always relying on GP or pharmaceutical companies to come up with a pill to cure all our health concerns.

Why am I presenting this information?

As a health professional who has worked in the private and NHS service for over ten years, I have seen people and the country’s health becoming worse, despite more money now being spent within the NHS and private sector than ever before. I want to encourage you to investigate yourself! Take control of your own health.

What information will I gain from health freedom?

Health freedom will cover a variety of subjects and information, which will include: Health, nutrition vitamins, colloidal minerals, colloidal silver and trace elements, enzymes and essential fatty acids, super foods, organic food, proven anti cancer foods, healing plants, diseases, diet and alternative health remedies. You will also find articles and links which will discuss other impacts on health such as chemicals (inside products you are using every day) and pesticides used on our fruit, vegetables and meat. Lastly, but not exhaustively, intolerance to foods such as wheat, gluten and dairy.

I want you to take part in Healthfreedom and contribute your wisdom!

Health freedom doesn’t pretend to have all the answers, therefore we need people like you who have their own remedies to contribute to the world of alternative health ideas. Some ideas maybe old passed down from our mums or dads, please feel free to email us your information you wish to share. No information is exhaustive so please feel free to contribute it to the world. Email us here at info@healthfreedom.co.uk

So is my GP prescribed medication bad for me?

I personally believe we have a medical system which relies too heavily on drugs prescribed by GPs. All of us at some point in our lives will need to take some kind of drug for a medical condition. We make the choice of taking that drug in order to make us better. Sometimes emergency’s happen and we have an accident in our homes or in our cars or anywhere for that matter. At times like these we will need emergency intervention to save our lives from doctors and health professionals who are fully qualified trained and experienced. But healthfreedom is here to make you think, and open your mind to question drugs which are prescribed with known side effects which can lead to other medical complications and life threatening diseases (Not all of them I will quickly say) I want to produce articles to provoke thought by looking at alternatives ,which may or may not be available, other than the multi billion pound industry which is the health service, through our tax system that you and I pay for and have allowed to be created.

Recently I heard a story from a friend who had to visit a consultant regarding a health issue. The consultant was very empathetic and great at listening but then went on to suggest a drug as a first point of remedy. Fortunately the friend had looked up alternative remedies and asked the consultant if these were available as a treatment? To which the consultant said “well yes there is a holistic type of therapy available” Just through basic research and questioning an alternative was found to a prescribed drug with known side effects.

Where do I begin?

In order to understand a little more than we do now about the impact of food and nutrition on our health and diets, we need to know a little bit of farming history. Commercial farming started in the UK around 1930. Before then it was more common for us to get our produce of vegetables meat and milk from local farmers or village shops or even grow it ourselves. The land where we grew our vegetables was full of key minerals and trace elements. Over eighty years later the commercial impacts of modern life has had its toll to the land and inevitably to our health and well being. The plants and vegetables no longer have the ability to feed us the essential nutrition we require because the soil is no longer feeding the essential nutrition the plants need.

All information on Healthfreedom.co.uk are opinion and do not in anyway give advice on any medical condition. You should always consult a medical professional like a Pharmacist or a GP.