What is colloidal Silver?

Have you ever heard the term ‘Born with a sliver spoon in your mouth’? Or how about a silver bullet to kill the vampire? Yes silver has been associated with these terms for years in fact, and the reason we are talking silver is because of its amazing health effects it has on your body. Colloidal silver are tiny liquid particles (Nano) suspended in silver.

A little history….

Silver is mentioned by the first man of medicine called Hippocrates where in his writings discussed using silver for wound care. It was also used by the wealthy that stored and ate their food from silver vessels.

 Silver leaf was used in World War 1 to combat wound infections. The Chinese ate with silver chop sticks.  It was rediscovered in the 1890’s and widely used in the USA until the early 20th century when penicillin and other antibiotics were discovered.   Despite its fall from grace, silver is used for several medicinal and practical applications today. Burn cream and wound dressings still continue to use silver.

Why we should all keep a bottle in the house?

This has be proven to help wound healing, and my personal experience of my partner burning her hand on the cooker, and me spraying Colloidal silver directly on the wound was incredible. The pain was reduced by 50% immediately and no scars were left after the burn had healed over. We also use it when going on a plane or an environment where air conditioning is used. We like to spray it in any open orifice like mouth nose eyes (Yes eyes) and ears to protect us from airborne pathogens. Although I cannot personally support this claim with conclusive proof from an official report; however I did manage to locate one on its healing abilities.

In a September 2018 report on diabetic leg/foot ulcers concluded….Applications of Nano-colloidal silver in conjunction with chitosan bioactive as primary dressings in managing DFUs cases are safe and help increase wound healing rates, thus, leading to significant cost savings in the hospital setting.

Ref: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/30207850/

 This product is also now being used to treat certain conditions which affect animals. Our cat as a kitten got an eye infection. We bathed it every day with silver on some cotton wool and 3 weeks later it was all cleared up.

Why don’t doctors routinely recommend or prescribe this for us?

Are medical GP’s aware of it and its possible uses? The short answer is no. I had first-hand experience of this when I asked a GP I personally know.

This is not a licenced product and you cannot licence silver. There is also some discussion which says it may interfere with antibiotics as it may kill pathogens and germs in the gut. We are given antibiotics to kill an infection. After we have completed our course it is advisable to take probiotics after to put healthy bacteria back into your gut. This product is amazing inexpensive to buy and will last a long time.

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