Health benefits of coconut oil

I was recently buying some coconut oil in my local health shop, I started to talk to the nutritionist who was serving me about its effects on memory loss, but she went on to say “ I know all about what it can do but I’m not allowed to discuss it, so don’t get me started!” How sad that in her role she was not allowed to voice an opinion about the latest research on the healing effects it possibly has.

Coconut oil is the healthiest oil in the world even though it is has high saturated fat content and is an EFA (Essential fatty acid) they are classed on the molecular length and size of the carbon chain within each fatty acid. There are short, medium and long chain fatty acids. Coconut oil are medium chain fatty acids and react differently to the most common types we find in food (which are long chain and present in milk, eggs and meat). Our body metabolises (Transform, change or converts them in to energy) each fatty acid differently. Because coconut oil is a medium chain fatty acid it is special, it doesn’t have a negative effect on cholesterol and lowers the risk of heart disease. It also converts in to lauric acid, which when presented in to the body is converted in to monolaurin which is highly toxic to viruses, bacteria and fungi. To us it is non toxic and is even found in breast milk, which is why breast is always best!

You can also use it on your hair, because the fatty acids have a small molecular structure and it gets straight in to the hair shaft. Massage it in to your head the night before you wash your hair and it will help eliminate dandruff and leave your hair beautifully conditioned. You can also use it as a skin conditioner as it has amazing antibacterial properties and acts as a protective barrier against environmental and free radical damage. It provides protection from ultra violet sun damage by 20% so you can use it as a healthy alternative to sun creams. It is an anti ageing moisturiser and contains vitamin E which is helpful in recovery of skin burns abrasions and other trauma.

Weight loss

For all of us looking to lose some weight, look no further than coconut oil. Because it’s a medium chain fatty acid it speeds up the metabolism of your body and converts it quickly into energy. I use it whenever I’m about to do some digging in the garden, and my son uses it when he goes to the gym because it feeds the body folic acid, this helps reduce damage to your muscles so you don’t end up aching at the end of the day! Other health benefits are

· increased bone health, chronic fatigue, and osteoporosis because it helps in the absorption of calcium and magnesium.

· It protects against cancer and HIV and other infectious diseases.

· It is known to treat other conditions such as tape worm and liver issues.

· Eases acid reflux in the stomach and adds to proper bowel function.

· Lowers reoccurrence of haemorrhoids.

· Relives intestinal problems

· Soothes earaches

· Helps with symptoms connected with prostate enlargement

· Strengthens the liver and protects against degeneration.

· It reduces epileptic seizures,

· Joint and muscle inflammation and eases neuropathies

· Soothes itching from diabetes.

The recommended amount to eat daily would be up to 3 tablespoons a day for the full benefits, but everyone is different so you need to be empowered to make your own choice. If you start getting diarrhoea then cut down. Always try to have it after food or before strenuous exercise. If you have a low fat diet or you’re pregnant it is advisable to start slowly introducing it to your body. use raw and organic as you can get.

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