Dementia and Alzheimer’s

Dementia and Alzheimer’s has become an epidemic within our society as other diseases, such as diabetes. In fact it is often now being called type 3 diabetes as it is associated with a form of vascular dementia. There are lots of studies into the reason why we have seen the proliferation of this disease but so far no one has come up with any clear answers. (See Cholesterol and Statins)

Although there are plenty of sources to assist you in coping with this debilitating disease, there is very little information on how to possibly reduce the symptoms. Remember there is lots of money to be made by the big drug companies, and cures don’t make money. On average (for example) statins, which have been indicated to contributing to this terrible disease will cost the UK over £400 million per year funded by the tax payer or NHS. There is some remarkable new research now suggesting that a simple food supplement can actually reduce the effects of memory loss. Despite very little attention from the media, coconut oil is increasingly being recognised as an effective alternative natural treatment.

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